Will Smith is the New Face of Scientology

With the current push to expose Scientology as the Hitler regime style cult that it is, Scientology is strongly recruiting black people to help their image. Already having built a center in Harlem, Scientology is working to make Will Smith, Jada Pinkett, and Kimora Lee Simmons the new celebrity faces of Scientology. MSNBC (by way of Radar) reports:

He’s been getting more and more involved (in Scientology),” said one source. “And it isn’t just him, it’s definitely Jada, too.”…”It’s not so much that anyone is upset that Will is becoming a Scientologist,” the source added after seeing a copy of the nine-page Radar piece. “It’s that as he becomes more involved, you’d think he’d sort of help fly the flag with Tom (Cruise), who seems to only get a bad rap for it, while Will does this and comes through just fine.”

“As for Kimora Lee Simmons, the Radar piece makes the case for including her among the ranks of celebrity Scientologists. The magazine points to a 2006 gathering where Scientology leader David Miscavige “spoke glowingly of Kimora Lee Simmons’ efforts to distribute a personalized edition of Hubbard’s “The Way to Happiness,” featuring her image on the cover, to school kids in New Jersey.”

It’s unclear how they decided on Will Smith, his lesbian wife, and that transvestite Kimora, but I guess anything would be better than what Scientology is currently working with. A cardboard cutout of Tom Cruise would be a better spokesman than Tom Cruise at this point.

Here is the video which links Kimora Lee Simmons to Scientology (Skip to 6:14 if you don’t care to listen to Napoleon Hitler for too long.):


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