A Male Escort Named “Big Red” Said He Banged Tom Cruise In 1999

The “Tom Cruise is gay” rumors have been around long before this site or you probably you existed, and let’s be honest, Top Gun didn’t help. But unlike fellow Scientologist John Travolta, these rumors have been pretty difficult to prove. Haha, not fast says Paul Barresi, a Hollywood private detective who was sent to prison in 2008 for illegal wiretapping!

Stories about Tom Cruise’s sexuality have dogged his career….Speaking exclusively, Paul said he’s going to reveal “the inside story” of bombshell homosexual claims made about Tom, 53, by a former male escort and porn star named Nathan “Big Red” Hamilton. The man, also known as Theodore Ragsdale Jr., was at one time shopping his own book about Tom to divulge what he claimed was a series of sordid sex romps with the superstar in London in 1999.

We’ve all seen Tom Cruise do all his own stunts. That should have clued us in that he’s definitely a power top. 

Paul said he asked Big Red if he was nervous and the man said, Tom whispered in my ear, ‘It’s OK. Just relax. Just relax.’” He alleged the two men wrestled for a time and then Tom asked Big Red to pleasure himself! “At the time, he actually picked me up and threw me down. Then, once my underwear was off, he got into some serious stroking. He told me to (masturbate) so he could watch. I did and after I (ejaculated), he threw me a towel. I got dressed and then two men drove me back to Marcello’s club in London.”

When the National Enquirer gets a story wrong, they get it way wrong, but when they get it right, they tend to break the Internet. So, I guess this is up to you to believe. I don’t know if I believe Tom Cruise is gay or just weird. Every time you see him not in a movie, it seems like he’s an alien who just landed on Earth and watched some commercial to practice. And it’s always been creepy the way Scientology uses an Excel spreadsheet and a sun dial to pick which women he should date and/or marry. Or maybe he likes banging dudes. Anyway, Happy MLK Day. 

 So I Googled “Big Red” and it was either pictures of Christina Hendricks or pictures of gum that’s been deliciously different since 1937: