Paris Hilton is Unholy, Dumb

This weekend Paris Hilton was seen at several spots around L.A. with a Buddhist monk. The pair were photographed discussing literature in a spiritual bookshop, and at one point, Paris gave away a piece of diamond jewelry at the request of the monk; leading many to believe that Paris was finally trying to shed her party-girl image. But the burning question still remains, who is this enlightened savior? Does he come from a mystical far away land? Um, no TMZ reports:

Her “Guru” that has supposedly changed her life is actually a Hollywood actor. His name is Maxie Santillan. He’s starred in tons of films and TV shows including “My Name is Earl” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.” According to IMDB, Maxie’s latest projects are all in “post production”…”

His MySpace he says, “My looks use to get me in trouble… and now my looks are making me money.” Be careful ladies, this one might steal your money and your heart!


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