Ana Barbara: A Mexican Folk Star

Photo: Rick Diamond (Getty Images)

How much do you know about Ana Barbara? Well, she is a famous Mexican folk singer, composer, songwriter and, most importantly, an absolute babe. Since you’ve probably never heard of her or the music she makes, we thought we’d make a presentation using some random Instagram photos from her profile. It’s like when you meet someone new on Facebook and then spend an hour or so just stalking their photos, trying to figure out the stories behind them. This doesn’t mean that we condone all types of stalking – just the ones found on our website. In a way, we’re professional stalkers. So, let’s see what we’re dealing with.

Folk Music


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First of all, how can you even tell if you’re listening to Mexican folk music? It’s not like you’ll see Johnny Cash appear on stage or some Southerners in a truck with homemade instruments. So, what’s the solution? As you can tell by Ana Barbara’s photo, the answer is – cowgirl outfit. If you go to a concert and see a hot girl with a cowgirl hat on, you can be fairly certain that you’re listening to some Mexican folk.

Favorite Audience


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Based on this video, you can conclude a couple of things. First of all, she has quite nice legs. Secondly, she seems to be a dog-person and not a cat person. Thirdly, she really enjoys singing to her dog, although the feeling doesn’t seem to be mutual. Although the first dog is looking a bit terrified, the second one cleverly pretends to sleep to avoid this traumatic experience.

Dog Purchase


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Ana Barbara loves dogs so much that she simply can’t get enough of them. Whenever she goes out, she needs to buy a couple of these little four-legged rascals and bring them home. As you can see from the photo, she bought yet another one, so they had to call in the army to stop her from buying anymore. Considering she has about one hundred of them, it’s time she stopped. This is something of an intervention. A bit more aggressive one but, whatever it takes.

Michael Jackson Tribute


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What would a Mexican Michael Jackson look like? There’s no doubt that he would be a hot girl since all the celebrities in South America are fairly hot. To help us find out what it would be like, Ana Barbara decided to dress up as him, but with a Mexican twist. Some differences are rather obvious. For example, Michael didn’t have such good legs and rarely wore dresses. However, she copied that under-the-hat look perfectly.

Dress Casually


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Ana Barbara is generally so casual that when someone says “dress casually,” she goes a bit too far. A see-through shirt and, basically, no pants is what Ana thinks is attire suitable for every occasion. The event on the picture was a casual vegetarian lunch that was so exclusive you had to eat standing up. As for that huge flower bouquet on the table, we’re really not sure whether that’s food or decoration. Probably the first one.

Lost in Translation


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Now, one of the greatest problems Ana Barbara encounters on her daily travels involves space orientation. She is like the opposite of a GPS, ’cause she always gets lost. To illustrate this fact, she posted a picture of her getting lost in Paris, looking for the Eiffel Tower.  Of course, it’s right behind her but she still manages to miss it.