The Best From Alison Brie’s Instagram

Photo: Mike Windle (Getty Images)

You might know Alison Brie from her role as Trudy Campbell, Pete’s seemingly shy and graceful fiance (and later wife) in the Mad Men. If not that, you probably know her as Annie from the cult series Community created by the one and only Dan Harmon (the mind behind the incomprehensibly awesome Rick and Morty). If none of that rings any bells, you’ve most likely seen her portray random sexy girls in about 50 or so movie. Alison Brie’s Instagram is the best way to acquaint yourself with this amazingly beautiful girl with a quirky sense of humor so we’ll try to introduce you two.

Alison Brie’s Instagram Cats


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Here is Alison Brie trying her best not to look like a crazy cat lady but she fails miserably. In case you haven’t noticed it, Alison’s head is on the upper right, appearing to be the same size as her cats. We can’t tell for sure whether the head is actually attached to a body or not, but we hope it is. The troubling question, though, is who’s taking the picture? We’ll let you ponder on that while we just quickly dial 911.

Femme Fatale


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There’s nothing sexier than a hot girl who you know can kick your ass. Well, Alison is one of those girls and this Instagram video proves it. Just look at that deadly right hand that appears out of nowhere and knocks you out while her makeup-free beauty paralyzes your limbs and stops you from fighting back. In case you’re still not convinced she’s a badass, just consider the fact that her boxing gloves actually have her name written on them.

Super Maria


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This is obviously Alison Brie’s (extremely successful) audition for a Super Mario reboot we’d like to think would be called Super Maria. Never in our lives have we wanted to be those turtle-like creatures from the game like we do now. Who would be portraying Super Louisa then (we’re so good at these names)? Obviously, it should be Gillian Jacobs, her co-star from the Community.

Mortal Kombat


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Alison Brie’s love for video games doesn’t appear to stop at Super Mario. She is also a great admirer of the Mortal Kombat fighting series, which she proved with this great Raiden cosplay. Her version of the character is a lot more casual and sexier. Unlike the original Raiden, however, here you’re constantly wondering what’s underneath the robe.

Chocolate or Wine


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Alison Brie is just a human being like any of us and can’t really contain herself when she sees a bit of chocolate and some wine. But the main question here is what do you take first? Is it a bit of chocolate with some wine or some wine with a bit of chocolate? Can it be both, though? Alison Brie certainly thinks it can.

Murder on Alison Brie’s Instagram?


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It might interest you to hear that, in her spare time, Alison Brie is actually a hired hitman. In this famous Alison Brie GIF, she is seen casually choking Larry King, presumably because she thought he was an actual king and this would make her the new queen. She isn’t really a good hitman, but we would still hire her, simply because she’s so adorable while murdering.

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