The 8 Hottest Baristas On Social Media

Photo: Instagram / Carlie Jo Howell

The bikini coffee shop trend is awesome. I mean, “breastaurants” are popular, so someone just took that business model and applied it to a coffee shop. Whoever the genius who pioneered it is, I say thank you. And if the caffeine doesn’t get your heart racing, then these hot baristas will! Say hello to the sexiest latte pushers on social media, and goodbye to the headache associated with coming down from a java high.

These ladies are sure to be the pick-me-up that never lets you down. After all, they post so many pictures combined on their various social media pages that you’d be hard-pressed to run out of new angles to look at. Not to mention each shot tends to get better the longer and more times you view it. Now that’s staying power.

Hottest Baristas on Social Media

You be a fool not to follow these babes on their various accounts. We provided the info already, so what are you waiting for? An invitation? What do you think that just was?

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