Here’s Why This Tinder Girl Might Look Familiar To You

Now that you know about this ginger on Tinder with an offer you wouldn’t be able to refuse, it’s time to check in with another gal on Tinder who explained to everyone why she might look familiar to you.

Now if you’re on Tinder I’m sure you’ve come across plenty of gals — ranging from strangers, to friends, to people you’re sure you’ve seen before. And hell, you might have even seen the gal below in your life before. Let us explain. The gal below is named Brenda. And Brenda is a 24-year-old with one line on her bio that will probably explain why you think you’ve seen her before.

Check out the profile below thanks to Reddit.

Here’s Why This Tinder Girl Might Look Familiar To You

brenda tinder

Photo: Reddit

Hmm, now I’ve racked my brain and I can’t seem to remember ever seeing Brenda in any of my porn viewings. Then again, perhaps I was a bit distracted while watching. But hey, Brenda’s eyes do seem kind of empty — like she’s seen too much, so perhaps she is in porn. That would actually make some sense.

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