8 Sexiest Tumblrs Out There

Photo: 3photo (Getty Images)

Back in the days, if you wanted to see some beautiful naked ladies, you had to turn to the somewhat darker side of the web, full of spamming pop-up ads and viruses waiting to penetrate your poor old computer. Nowadays, you just go to Tumblr and take your pick. There are a number of different genres to satisfy everyone’s specific tastes, so chances are you’ll find something that suits your personality the best. Since we don’t know you and can’t make a profile of each one of our readers, we’ve just decided to show you some of the sexiest Tumblr profiles you’ll want to see. Just relax and click away.

Fedor Schmidt

First up is the famous photographer Fedor Schmidt who really brings sexuality to a whole new level. You can just imagine what kind of a life he’s leading when he’s constantly surrounded by these beautiful models. Fedor’s photos are sexy, provocative, but most importantly quite memorable and addictive so you’ll find yourself browsing through his photos for hours. The best thing about it is – if your girlfriend catches you, just say it’s art.


Then there’s Temptation with an alternative name – I Can Resist Everything Except. This is a collection of various breathtaking scantily clad lasses in various positions and locations. If you enjoy the female body and but still want to satisfy your craving for art, this is the page for you. Keep in mind, though, that some of the photos are fairly NSFW.


Boobs Are Cool is one simple page full of various types of female breasts, waiting for you to examine them thoroughly and without holding back. So what can you find there besides boobs? Well, there are various scenes of undressing, sex and much more. Words really can’t and shouldn’t explain it. You just need to take a look.

Buff Buns

Of course, if you’re more into female butts than breasts, Buff Buns is a place for you. Obviously, they try to mix it up every once in a while, to make it a bit more interesting. You can’t spend all day just looking at female behinds, can you? Well, either way, this page certainly won’t disappoint.

Erotic Storybook Saturday

For those of you who enjoy the written word, Tumblr also has something to offer. Erotic Storybook Saturday has a number of tantalizing sex stories to keep your imagination going and get you all worked up. If you feel like you can do better, you’re always welcome to send in your attempts and help someone else look inside your (dirty) mind. You can also listen in to some audio stories in case you want to rest your eyes a bit.

Art or Porn

The eternal question – when does art become porn and vice versa? – is something you can explore on a page called Art or Porn. Find out if there is, actually, a difference between art and porn, what is considered classy, spiritual and what is just regular, carnal pleasure.

How to Make Me Come

Another textual Tumblr profile that actually serves a purpose is How to Make Me Come. Somewhat self-explanatory, this profile tells you exactly what makes women tick. Find out what you’re doing right in bed or what you’re missing out on and your girlfriend will be thankful for it. Sometimes, all you need to do is listen.

Indifferent Cats in Amateur Porn

For the end, here’s something both raunchy and funny at the same time, while still being somewhat bizarre. Take a look at all these cats that simply don’t care that they’re in a middle of a porn or a sexy photoshoot. Why would they care, anyway?

So, this is our selection of the sexiest Tumblrs you can find there. Let us know if you have a favorite.