The Most Beautiful Famous Serbian Women

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic(Getty Images)

Despite being such a small Eastern European nation, Serbia has gathered a reputation for having very beautiful women. And if you don’t believe the hype perhaps these strikingly beautiful celebrity Serbian women might sway you. We went for an array of women that are not known merely for their looks and are generally involved in valuable professions. A group of women that can be role models for our daughters without any complaint from us, not some starlets and singers which songs are “listened” on mute.

Marija Karan Lubin

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Belgrade-born actress Marija Karan looks like the prototype of a perfect girl for a relationship, having a cute, elegant, rich face with a curvaceous body. Reaching national fame by starring in one of the country’s most beloved movies When I Grow Up, I’ll Be A Kangaroo, adding on that with a really funny TV show before transitioning to the United States where she had a few of supporting roles. She is mostly focused on her family she started with an talent agent Joel Lubin, and yes, she’s pregnant in this photo.

Ivana Spanovic

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An elite long jumper, bronze medalist at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics and the reigning European indoor champion and European outdoor champion in her discipline. Yet, what’s equally impressive is her looks, as Ivana is one of the prettiest athletes on the planet, a true warrior princess. She’s currently the most praised and beloved Serbian female athlete and a proper A-list celebrity in the country which she truly deserved both on the field and on the red carpet.

Sofija Knezevic

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A globally respected jazz singer, 27-year-old Sofija Knezevic is truly impressive and not only on the aesthetic side of her persona, as she is involved with one too many things to mention. With a formal education in music, Sofija is the one that is doing the teaching now and we’re sure her students always show up and pay attention. Besides having big eyes, full lips, Sofija also has a truly ridiculous body, that makes you think how many qualities one person can have?