The Serbian Women’s Volleyball Team Is In Hot Water After Taking A Racist Photo After A Victory

Photo: Education Images/UIG (Getty)

Ladies, what were you thinking? Oh wait, you weren’t thinking.

You have no idea that the Serbian national women’s volleyball team secured a spot in the 2018 FIVB Women’s World Championship. You probably didn’t even know that Serbia had a volleyball team. But apparently they do, and they are good enough to play for a championship. But unfortunately that is not what this story is about — this story is about the racist photo that the players took after their victory.

Let me first preface this by saying the FIVB Women’s World Championship will be held in Japan. Now take a look at the photo this team took.

You idiots. Here’s a closer look.

Photo: Twitter

So it’s great that they are celebrating a victory against Poland. It’s not so great that this is how they decided to celebrate. It’s pretty absurd. Couldn’t they throw up a peace sign like the majority of women? No one is offended by a peace sign.

Obviously people weren’t happy, and FIVB actually ran the story with this photo until they realized how offensive it was and eventually replaced it. But of course, the internet saves everything and now it will be out there forever.

No word if these gals will be getting punished or not.

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