Mia Khalifa is the New Most Popular Girl on PornHub

And we can think of at least two big reasons why.

Mia Khalifa is the New Most Popular Girl on PornHub

According to BroBible, just weeks after her announcement that she was retiring from the adult film industry, everybody’s favorite MILF Lisa Ann has now been dethroned as the “Queen of PornHub” by a young starlet and Florida State fan named Mia Khalifa.

Sadly, since the announcement was made that she is the most popular “actress” on the world’s most popular porn site, the 21-year-old beauty from Lebanon has been receiving death threats.

As a Lebanese Christian, some people/nut jobs in the Middle East think Khalifa is disrespecting her faith and therefore “deserves to be killed.” Some even took to Twitter to threaten Khalifa that they will decapitate her.

Luckily, Khalifa has no plans to quit the business and even threw her own jab back at the region, saying on Twitter, “Doesn’t the Middle East have more important things to worry about besides me? How about finding a president? Or containing Isis?”

Wow, it’s no wonder she’s so popular. Smart and beautiful. And naked. (Images via Instagram)

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