PornHub Drops Halloween List of 2019’s Most Popular Costumes and Characters (Just in Time to Rethink Your Terrible Costume)

It’s the time of the year you’ve all been waiting for: The PornHub Top 30 Most Searched Characters List. Not only is your search history clearly everyone else’s search history, but now you have 30 great ideas for reliable Halloween costumes to replace the shitty one you picked out for yourself. That’s right, put away the duct tape and spray paint because we have the shameless list of most searched porn characters people get their jollies off to. For the most part, they’re pretty obvious, except a few that we have a couple questions about. See if you can spot them in the list below.

Photo: Daniel Zuchnik (Getty)

It’s Not Even Halloween Yet: There’s Already Too Much Joker-Harley Quinn Cosplay (But We’re Ranking Them!)


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