Comic-Con 2015: Norman Reedus on ‘Air’ and ‘The Walking Dead’

Norman Reedus may not be the King of Comic-Con, but he’s certainly the prince. As the star of The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus has been making the rounds this year at a variety of events and panels, but he’s also in San Diego to promote his new sci-fi thriller Air, co-created by Robert Kirkman, about a future in which the very air we breathe is in short supply.

Crave’s own Jami Philbrick sat down with Norman Reedus in this exclusive video to talk about the making of Air, and to set something straight about the latest Walking Dead trailer for Season 6. We also find out just how scared Norman Reedus is to take Kirkman’s calls, just in case he’s calling to say that Daryl is going to be killed off on the hit show. 

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