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Ryan Reynolds Premieres ‘Free Guy’ Trailer at Brazil Comic-Con; Goes Full Method and Almost Gets Crushed

Ryan Reynolds is a busy guy. After the success of Deadpool a few years back, the actor has garnered a lot of clout in Hollywood and has been on a hot streak ever since. Although he’s been busy promoting his new Netflix movie, Six Underground, he took the time to stop by Brazil Comic-Con (CCXP) to premiere the first trailer for his new action-comedy, Free Guy. The beloved Canadian plays a bank teller who discovers that he is actually a background player in an open-world video game and decides to become the hero of his own story.

While making his way up to the stage to present the trailer at CCXP, Reynolds had a scary moment when crazed fans knocked over a stage barrier that was right in his path. As it turns out, however, this close call was merely a way for him to go full method for his role in Free Guy. As the trailer would soon reveal, Reynolds’ NPC character is a glutton for punishment and this was merely his way of proving to the world that he has actual cat-like reflexes. Clearly, he’s still in character. Luckily, the actor was able to move out of the way and no one was hurt. To celebrate this close call, here are some of the best moments of Ryan Reynolds getting beat up and berated in the first trailer for Free Guy.

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