RANKED! 10 Unlikely Actors We’d Kill to See Be the Next Superman

As far as anyone can tell, the world is currently without Superman. Henry Cavill insists he is returning the role (at some point); however, his participation in Netflix’s The Witcher, Michael B. Jordan’s meeting with Warner Bros, and all those J.J. Abrams reboot rumors tell a different story. It would seem that DC is looking to shake things up and give audiences a new version of the spandex-wrapped ideal that’s been shoved down our gullets for over 40 years (not that’s there’s anything wrong with that). While the internet is prone to casting the likes of Armie Hammer, Matthew Bomer, and Channing Tatum, those choices bore us. If the DCEU is going to throw Cavill in the bin like an expired battery, they better make a radical, compelling, and fun choice. Here’s our list of actors we’d like to see play the next Superman.

Cover Photo: Warner Bros. 

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