Street Fighter V’s Ken Has Had a Pretty Ugly Makeover

Street Fighter‘s Ken has always looked almost identical to the series’ primary mascot Ryu, albeit with blonde hair and an appreciation of the color red. That’s about to change in the upcoming Street Fighter V, as Capcom has redesigned the character completely, with the results being a little… odd.

I mean, it’s great that Capcom is looking to shake up the foundations of the series (even though the foundations of Ken’s character have always been intertwined with that of Ryu’s), but just what is going on here? It appears that Ken is no longer of American descent, and though he is still blonde, he’s sporting some odd Chris Jericho hairdo that I’m finding it difficult to get on board with.

But regardless of the success of his makeover, there is one facet of his redesign that I think we can all enjoy, and that’s his newfound ability to set everything he touches on fire. Where did he learn that ability?!

Check out his new look in the trailer below: