Guile Has Broken Street Fighter V with an Unbeatable Combo

Street Fighter V is faced with another problem this week, as players using the game’s newly added character Guile have discovered an incredibly long combo that can reduce an opponent’s health bar from full to zero in seconds.

Though the combo takes no small degree of skill to successfully pull off, especially in the middle of a match, a couple of competitive players have posted evidence of them doing so that proves it’s far from impossible.

The combo requires Guile to lose half of his health in order to activate his V Trigger, with him having to force his opponent into a corner before dealing out a barrage of Sonic Booms and punches. The player can then initiate a throw, successfully continuing the counter before concluding with a Critical Art special move. This can lead to a combination of two lengthy combos, one lasting for 30 hits and the other for 13. Rival players cannot defend themselves at any point during this exchange.

Check out an example of the unbeatable combo in action below, courtesy of competitive fighting game player Christopher “NYChrisG” Gonzalez:

Here’s a slightly less devastating implementation of the combo from fellow competitive player Fitri “fit3amir” Amir:

It’s uncertain whether or not Capcom will nerf this combo or decide to keep it in the game given the relatively high level of skill required to pull it off, though given that it’s already been pulled off in a game a few days following Guile’s inclusion in Street Fighter V, it will no doubt be exploited in competitive tournaments when others have managed to successfully master it.