Street Fighter V’s Story Mode is So Easy a 6-Month-Old Baby Can Beat It

One of the many complaints lobbed in the direction of the disappointing Street Fighter V was the ease in which players could storm through its story mode. With it consisting of less than a handful of single-round fights for each character, the matches also suffered from a woefully easy difficulty level, making it a breeze to complete. But the game’s failings have never been made more apparent than in this video of a 6-month-old baby playing it, and actually managing to complete one of its chapters.

The video shows the baby successfully conquering Birdie’s story chapter, slamming his/her tiny hands onto the FightPad and managing to defeat each A.I. opponent in the process. Check it out below:

Hopefully Capcom’s upcoming DLC story mode will offer more of a challenge when it’s eventually released, and this baby’s dreams of becoming a member of the FGC will be shattered. We’re sorry, baby, but hopefully you’ll understand when you’re older.