PC Gamers Flood Street Fighter V’s Steam Page with Negative Reviews

Street Fighter V‘s launch has got off to a rocky start on both the PS4 and the PC, with the game experiencing a number of server issues that has made searching for an online match a lengthy process. However, while Capcom should iron out these issues in the near future, it sits alongside a few other problems PC gamers have taken umbrage with leading to them vocally expressing their displeasure for on the game’s Steam page.

Street Fighter V currently sits at a 46% rating on Steam, with its having received nearly 400 negative user reviews. Alongside the problems with the game’s servers, with many unable to join a match or even connect to its online component, it has also been noted that the game lacks support for a wide array of fighting sticks, with many learning that their controllers are unsupported.

Street Fighter V’s Steam page, which currently features a “Mixed” rating from players.

The game’s optimization has also been put under the microscope, with many bemoaning the game’s performance on rigs that aren’t capable of running it at a solid 60fps. Digital Foundry also investigated this contentious issue, discovering that the game dramatically suffers if your hardware can’t keep up with it.

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While it is preferable for all fighting games to be played at 60fps given their reliance upon fast movement and swift inputs, Street Fighter V reportedly hogs a lot of GPU power, meaning that visual settings have to be turned down in order to run it at a locked framerate.

The game’s lack of content also drew many complaints from PC gamers, with them lambasting its limited selection of features and unsubstantial story mode. 

Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono apologized for the game’s server issues at launch, posting the following tweet:


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