Street Fighter

Pixelated Playoff: ‘Street Fighter’ vs. ‘Mortal Kombat’

Photo: AttackOfTheFanboy

In the ’90s, Sega versus Nintendo was the big battle of the gaming scene. But if you were a fighting game fan, there was a more important debate to be had: that of Street Fighter against Mortal KombatReleased to arcades in 1991, Street Fighter II didn’t just bring us an endless supply of Hadokens. It was also a fantastic way to shut up that one trash-talking friend who insisted he was better than you at games (the jackass).

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But when Mortal Kombat came out a year later, everything changed. It had a realistic look and the ability to inflict death moves on your opponents. It was, in essence, the X-rated, blood-splattering step up that fighting gamers were crying out for.

With Mortal Kombat 11 landing on PC and all current-gen consoles in April, the rivalry is set to ignite once more. But who is the reigning king of the fighting games? In this Pixelated Playoff, we decide who wins — and who gets the fatality. Fight!

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So there it is! Street Fighter (unsurprisingly) continues to reign supreme. Mortal Kombat has had a wonderful resurgence and is still a great series in its own right. But it still suffers the KO to M.Bison and his kin.

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