Exclusive Preview: Supergirl # 40

It turns out that the Crucible Academy isn’t the intergalactic Hogwarts that we were led to believe.

Supergirl has come face-to-face with Korstus and his plans for her Kryptonian bloodline. And she’s gonna have to get past him to save Kon-El aka Superboy!

In this exclusive preview from Supergirl # 40, Supergirl gets a much needed assist from her friends Comet, Tsavo, Maxima and Amata as this era for the Girl of Steel comes to an end.


And here’s the Supergirl # 40 movie variant cover by Marco D’alfonso.

Writers K. Perkins and Mike Johnson close out the Crucible Academy storyline with artist Emanuela Lupacchino in Supergirl # 40, which is coming to comic shops on Wednesday, March 18.


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