Exclusive | ‘The Art of DC Bombshells’ Grayson Sketches

What if all of the female superheroines of the DC universe took charge during World War II? DC Comics’ popular Bombshell statues and digital first comics have explored a new world in which Batwoman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Mera, and other popular female characters were at the forefront of the fight against Hitler and the Nazis. They may look like WWII-era pinup girls, but they can fight with the best of ’em!

Next week, DC is releasing a new hardcover book called The Art of DC Comics Bombshells, which will feature the artwork that went into the creation of the statues as well as pictures of the stautes themselves presented with commentary from the creative team behind this new world. It will also feature never-before-seen artwork from the Bombshells comics as well.

Today, CraveOnline is exclusively unveiling three images from the book, which were created by artist Emanuela Lupacchino for the Bombshells variant cover of Grayson # 11. In this world, Bruce Wayne never became Batman, so there was no need for Dick Grayson to become Robin or Nightwing. Instead, Grayson remained one of the world’s greatest circus performers, and the cover image depicted by Lupacchino reflected his fame.

First up, Lupacchino’s perlim sketches offered a few different takes on the pose.

After some refinements, the chosen poses where inked by Lupacchino.

Finally, Tomeu Morey added the colors, which featured more than a few callbacks to Grayson’s Nightwing costume.

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The Art of DC Comics Bombshells will hit comic book stores on November 23, before heading to all bookstores on November 29. The price will be $39.99 for the 205 page book.


If that’s not enough Bombshells for you, DC also passed along an advance look at the latest statue in the line: Bumblebee! The statue was designed by Ant Lucia and scultped by Tim Miller. It will be released later this month for $125.


Photo Credit: All images provided by DC Comics


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