Nvidia Announces Android-Based Console With Beefy Specs

For $199, you can pick up a superpowered Android-based gaming machine this May. And by superpowered, we mean 4K gaming backed by a Tegra X1 processor and a maxwell-based 256-bit GPU and 3GB RAM.

If you’re ever wanted to stream (or capture) games on your new 4K TV, then this console and bundled controller are likely your best bet. 4K gaming isn’t something we’ll likely see from the “other” traditional consoles until the 9th generation hits us, whenever that may be.

While game streaming isn’t necessarily traditional when compared to the current 8th generation consoles, as long as you have a decent, quick, stable internet connection, you should see some pretty low-latency, high resolution content.

At least that’s the ideal experience.

Thanks to Crave’s Game Revolution for this news from GDC 2015.


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