Man Told to “Go F*** Himself” on the Tube Later Interviews the Angry Commuter for a Job

A man who was told to “go fuck himself” on the tube later found himself interviewing the angry commuter for a position at his workplace. 

HR executive Matt Buckland found himself the subject of a few unsavoury comments whilst travelling in London, before the universe looked upon him favourably and decided to put him in the ultimate position of judgement. Mr Buckland shared his story on Twitter, writing: “Karma – the guy who pushed past me on the tube and then suggested I go F myself just arrived for his interview…with me…”

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While the man inevitably didn’t get the job, Mr Buckland insisted that it did not have to do with their confrontation earlier in the day. “We didn’t hire him but I also didn’t let 1 bad day get in the way for him,” he continued. “We all have them no?”

The London underground brings out the worst in everybody.

According to Mr Buckland he didn’t raise the topic with the man, who initially didn’t recognise his interviewer as someone he’d previously told to go fuck himself, but instead “hinted at it” by asking him a few questions about the tube. Eventually the man realised exactly who he was being interviewed by, but rather than crumble under the pressure, get down his knees and grovel for forgiveness, he instead “laughed it off and carried on.”

“The tube makes everyone cranky,” Mr Buckland added.

I’m not sure whether I would have handled the situation so professionally – I probably would’ve made the man do twenty laps around the office to prove his dedication to the job before showing him the door – but regardless of how Mr. Buckland handled the situation, the angry commuter still didn’t get the job due to him not being “right for the role.”

Presumably the role didn’t require the applicant to tell their seniors to go fuck themselves.



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