Kenyan Runner Crawls Across Austin Marathon Finish Line

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It’s not easy to complete a marathon, even if you’re a world class runner from Africa.

Kenyan Hyvon Ngetich was in first place of the elite women category when at the 23-mile mark she ran out of gas, collapsing near the finish line soon later. But instead of giving up, Ngetich began to crawl, even refusing to use a wheelchair. She still finished third.

Austin Marathon race director John Conley said to Ngetich, “You ran the bravest race and crawled the bravest crawl I have ever seen in my life. You have earned much honor, and I am going to adjust your prize money, so you get the same prize money you would have gotten if you were second.” 

Ngetich’s personal marathon best is an astounding 2:34:42.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports.