CBS Downplays Potential ‘Supergirl’ Crossovers With ‘Arrow’ & ‘The Flash’

Back in November, “Supergirl” producer Greg Berlanti hinted that the title character of his upcoming CBS TV series could potentially crossover with “The Flash” and “Arrow.” At the time, it seemed like a strong possibility because Berlanti is producing all three shows and CBS is a corporate sibling of The CW.

However, during today’s CBS presentation at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler shot down the crossover chatter by saying “That’s a different network so I think we’re going to keep Supergirl to [ourselves] right now.”

Taken at face value, “right now” could leave the crossover door open in the future. But it seems less likely than before.

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Via Nerd Report, Tassler also spoke about the “Supergirl” pitch and why the project is a fit at CBS.

“It’s a wonderful amalgamation of the mythology of the character with kind of a very modern coming of age,” explained Tassler. “She’s a very strong, independent young woman and she’s coming into her own. She’s dealing with family issues. She’s dealing with work issues and it’s a female empowerment story. You look at the strong female characters we have on the air, it really is resonant of that.”

“Supergirl” has already been given the go-ahead as a weekly TV series on CBS. Casting is currently underway and it is expected to premiere in Fall 2015.


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