What Would The Joker Do if he knew Harley had his Child and was Keeping It Secret?

Image: DC Comics

Her name is Lucy. That’s what the child created by DC Comics legends Harley Quinn and The Joker is called. Now, many of you may not be aware of her, much like the Joker himself, but she does exist and Harley has taken precautions to make sure she’s never discovered. In Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Two #13 Harley confessed to a pregnant Black Canary that she has her daughter Lucy living with her sister in order to keep her away from Joker; she simply has no idea what he’d do to Lucy if she found out.

This little tidbit of information was astounding to find out for me, not because of the revelation that The Joker has a child but more so the fact that this story has never been expanded upon. Many will point out the fact that Lucy only exists in the Injustice continuity, which is a Mortal Kombat-style video game with some spin-off comics, however it’d be easy to write her into the main comics with the same excuse as we got in Injustice; Harley left for a year to have Lucy and returned to The Joker afterwards. Even if it’s only in the Injustice story, how the Joker would react to a flesh and blood child of his own is an interesting topic. You never know, maybe this could be expanded on in Injustice 3.

He’d attempt to kill her

The Joker is a mad man whose only goal in life is bringing mayhem to others, and more importantly Batman, so how could the idea of being a father remotely satisfy him?  There is a strong chance that the Joker would see his daughter as a weakness, whether that be through his potential feelings for her or just simply because the idea of having a daughter would make him sick, so he kills her, problem solved.

A storyline in which the Joker finds out about his daughter and attempts to eliminate her while Harley attempts to stop him – maybe with the help of Batman – would be so fun to watch and place Harley into such a austere state we’re not used to seeing. I think I speak for every comic fan when I say that would be one hell of a fun read with so much emotion and character development The Joker and Harley, as well as letting us see Lucy for the first time.

He would attempt to raise her

We’ve seen the Joker show some desire for a protege before in the animated series when he shifted Tim Drake into a Joker Jr. and was even willing to let him have the final kill on Batman. This obviously didn’t work but it still shows he has some paternal desires, even if they’re terrible. Maybe he takes Lucy and attempts to raise her for evil purpose. Taking her on to become a hell raiser like her old man could be an interesting new character to explore.

Or could we possibly see a typical father-daughter relationship? Imagine an alternate-Earth storyline – like Injustice – where the Joker has a change of heart, realizing he now has the higher purposeof raising a daughter, turning him into a sane member of society. In the Killing Joke origin, The Joker was expecting a child only for it and his wife to be murdered by the Mob, which started him on his chaotic path. Having Lucy in his life could start to fit the missing puzzle pieces back together in his head.

He just simply wouldn’t care

In my opinion, the most likely outcome would simply be The Joker wouldn’t care if he had a daughter. She’s out of his life, and not affecting him in any way, so why care? Batman is still his number one priority, and would remain that way, until either of them are dead.

While this wouldn’t lead to much of an exciting story, it’d still be an interesting page in a comic book to see the Joker find out this revelation, only for him to show no care in the world about Lucy. It would lead to a little character development for the beloved villain at the very least.

However, I hope Lucy is brought into the fold of the main comic books or given a role in upcoming Injustice titles. I think a talented comic book writer could come up with a good story for the Joker and Lucy, and no matter what medium it is brought to us from, the daughter of Joker and Harley Quinn would instantly become a fan favorite.


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