15 GIFs That Perfectly Articulate Wasting 8 Years of Your Life Watching ‘Arrow’

For those who might somehow be unaware, Arrow first premiered back in 2012 with a surprisingly good first season. It served as a backdoor pilot for another DC superhero show, The Flash, thus spawning an entire universe of shows, affectionately referred to as the Arrowverse. In the time since, Arrow has remained the lynchpin of the titular universe, which consists of six different shows and a couple of web series. For eight years, Arrow has graced the CW’s airwaves, creating a die-hard fan base that just won’t give up on the show, no matter how far it seems to dip in quality.

With the show coming to a close in its eighth season, however, fans have slowly come to realize that the most recent season is merely a giant setup for their biggest crossover ever, Crisis on Infinite Earths. As it turns out, Crisis turned out to be some of the worst television of the year, with storytelling that is lazy, rushed, overstuffed, and without any sort of meaningful conclusion. As it turns out, eight seasons of the series were simply a waste of time, driving a show that probably should have ended way sooner than it did. Now that the series is coming to an end and Crisis is over, here are 15 GIFs that perfectly articulate wasting eight years of your life watching Arrow.

Cover Photo: The CW

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