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Marvel Makeover: Kumail Nanjiani Is the Latest Unlikely Actor to Get Jacked (And 10 Other Superhero Actors We Didn’t See Coming)

With superhero films becoming popular for actors looking to boost their careers, there has been a myriad of performers in the past decade that have gone through extreme body transformations for their respective roles. Earlier this week, the internet predictably got caught up into a thirst trap when actor Kumail Nanjiani took it upon himself to share some new shirtless photos that can only be described as…impressive. While the actor is known less for his current “jacked as fuck” physique and more for his comedic chops, his ripped abs and bulging biceps now beg to differ. Some might even say that it’s a Big Sick-pack.

Considering the actor’s previous lanky frame, it’s a shocking transformation that even the most hardened social media veterans didn’t see coming. As it turns out, Nanjiani is merely the latest in a long line of actors to take a big sip of that superhero movie Kool-Aid for his upcoming MCU role in The Eternals, but he definitely won’t be the last. With MCU newcomers like Nanjiani and Shang Chi’s Simu Liu getting absolutely jacked for their roles in upcoming films, here are 10 other Marvel makeovers we didn’t see coming.

Cover Photo: Marvel Entertainment

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