Spider-Man Gone From MCU

Spider-Man Ménage à Trois With Sony and Marvel Proves A Messy Threesome

Spider-Man fans experienced the mother of all superhero-related panic attacks (even after Infinity War) with the latest news of a potential breakup between Sony and Marvel over the web-slinger property. The main issue? You guessed it, money. While Far From Home is the highest-grossing movie in Sony history, they really only have Marvel to thank for that. So many questions are popping up from this likely-overhyped Hollywood drama, but the future of Peter Parker, including Tom Holland himself, along with all the people connected to him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is up for grabs. Here are the biggest questions of the world’s messiest threesome breakup, which do you think is in the right? Can Spider-Man survive without the MCU behind it, or will we go back to Tobey Maguire circa Spider-Man 3 (the greatest abomination in movie history)?

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Tom Holland’s ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ vs. Tobey Maguire’s ‘Spider-Man 2’

Photo: (Sony Pictures)


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