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A Touch Too Much: 7 Television Shows That Fell Apart In Their Later Years

Photo: 20th Television

We all know that too much of a good thing can sometimes be a bad thing. It happens with beer. With birthday cake. With your parents visiting. Whatever it winds up being, the best mantra to go by is “everything in moderation.” Unfortunately, sometimes (not all times), this idea is lost when it comes to our favorite television shows. Some shows fall off in later seasons years. As an audience, we don’t really know why good shows tend to wear out their welcome, we just know it happens. Some would say it’s because the networks don’t want to give up a sure thing. Some would say they’re doing it more for the fans. Some would say it’s because Patrick Dempsey just really needed the work. Whatever the reason, we’re here to point out the shows that spent just a touch too much time in the sun. We all know how that goes.

There sure are a lot of surefire TV show (and movie) killers out there: Second-Rate Tropes: Lead Characters Who Die Immediately In The Sequel/Next Season