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4 Ways Ruby Rose’s ‘Batwoman’ Breaks The Mold

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Get ready for a new kind of superhero.

In the long line of Marvel and DC reboots, it comes as no surprise that the CW announced that the network would be introducing Batwoman into the Arrow universe (also known as the ‘Arrowverse’). As diehard DC fans know, Batwoman is one of the more complex and thoughtfully developed characters in the DC franchise. The new Batwoman is poised to be the most modern female superhero and will be featured in a forthcoming series of her own as well as several cross-episode appearances. Starring Orange Is The New Black actress Ruby Rose as the titular protagonist, here are some progressive potential plot points to look forward to:

1. Batwoman is gay.

An LGBTQ role model in the making, Batwoman is a proud lesbian. In the comic series, Katharine “Kate” Kane openly dates a female detective and receives unconditional support and acceptance from those she loves. Kane is extremely proud of her sexual identity and never obfuscates or hides it, even when faced with expulsion from the U.S. military academy West Point.

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2. She enlisted in the military.

A major aspect of Batwoman’s backstory is her military family; her mother and father were both intelligence officers (a captain and a colonel, respectively). Her family lived in Brussels, Belgium, due to her parents’ deployment. Despite not continuing with a military career, Batwoman maintained excellence in combat and reflex techniques and never gave up a sense of integrity and justice. With this classic DC combination, expect to see some kickass fight scenes.


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3. She witnessed death in her family.

Like many superheroes, Batwoman was forged in tragedy. As an adolescent, she, her twin sister, and mother were abducted and taken hostage. Her father led an operation to retrieve them, but it ultimately resulted in the apparent death of Kane’s mother and sister. This brought her closer to her father, an unusual break from the trope of absent parents in the superhero narrative.

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4. She’s Jewish.

Questions about morality abound in superhero sagas, but this time we will see it intersected with religion. Kane celebrates Chanukah in several scenes in the comic books. The specific addressing of a non-Christian religion is rare in most American superhero comics and adds depth to Batwoman’s character. We are excited to see how her religion influences her actions and identity.


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