Maleficent: Five Things We’ve Learned

$70 million ain’t too shabby. That’s the estimated amount of money Maleficent, Disney’s latest live-action reimagining of an animated classic, raked in over its opening weekend, and add to that another $100 million from the international box office – and the promise of countless earnings from merchandising and home video releases – and we bet Disney is doing another victory dance right about now. It’s the latest in an increasingly long line of successful gambles from the House of Mouse, catering big budget blockbuster entertainments to a specifically female perspective and watching the rest of Hollywood scratch their heads as they wonder how they got away with it. As if a hit movie starring women and about the female experience is a fairy tale in and of itself. (Screw those guys.)

So what can Hollywood learn from the success of MaleficentCraveOnline has the answers. Take a look at what Maleficent means for the old-fashioned male-centric Hollywood paradigm, Angelina Jolie’s career, the reportage of troubled productions just like this one and Disney’s perspective on their catalogue of animated classics. And, one not entirely unreasonable prediction for the future…

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