10 Female Superhero Movies We Want

Female Superheroes

Something happened over the weekend, and we’re not just talking about Comic-Con 2014. Suddenly, and with plenty of warning that studios had been ignoring for decades, female action heroes were taking center stage. Lucy opened at the top of the box office, a sci-fi action-thriller starring Scarlett Johansson handily besting the more conventionally macho Hercules, proving that audiences don’t have an instinctive predilection towards male-centric genre movies after all. Meanwhile, a new image of Gal Gadot as a very impressive Wonder Woman made waves across the internet, and a new adaptation of the female superhero movie Painkiller Jane got the green light, and directed by two women no less.

Here at CraveOnline we really, REALLY hope this is the start of a new trend, opening up genres that traditionally marginalized more than half of the population of the planet Earth to new perspectives and new dramatic possibilities. The Hunger Games was not a fluke. Divergent might very well have heralded a new era. Maleficent was not the exception to the rule that blockbusters had to be about men’s issues. Our heroes can now be women, and if Hollywood is smart they will start looking to existing properties with female heroes in the lead to usher in a new generation of action movies. (And if they’re particularly smart they’ll start inventing some female-driven genres films all on their own.)

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If it sounds like we’re getting ahead of ourselves, it’s because we think there are limitless possibilities if we’re right, and that’s a thrilling notion. So we’re going to help Hollywood along by suggesting ten female superhero comics that are ripe for adaptation. Some are household names, others are relatively obscure because there simply aren’t enough high-profile female heroes in any medium. But these are the properties that get us excited here at CraveOnline, and we really hope the film industry will agree with us, so we’re going to explain why each of these 10 Female Superhero Movies We Want could make a great blockbuster via old-fashioned studio loglines and even make a few casting suggestions to help them along.

Did we miss your favorites? Do you have better ideas for casting? Let us know in the comments below, because after last weekend your voices might actually be heard, loud and clear, by executives who had been balking for decades. Stick it to the man!

Slideshow: 10 Female Superhero Movies We Want

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