Miguel Olivo Bites Off Teammate’s Ear In Baseball Brawl

Albuquerque Isotopes teammates Alex Guerrero and Miguel Olivo got into a brawl during their game against Triple-A Salt Lake Tuesday, where according to reports, Olivo bit off part of Guerrero’s ear. 

From one sports writer who was there:

And Jon Morosi of Fox Sports:

According to this Salt Lake blog, the altercation blew up in the dugout after Olivo was frustrated about no one covering base runners.

The Isotopes defense had their struggles against our base runners. If I were managing my Comp team I would call it laziness…. The Bees advanced runners multiple times because after plays were seemingly over, Isotopes players would wander away from their base and our Bees runners would advance with very little opposition.

A couple times the runners advanced with the ball in C Miguel Olivo’s hand. I got the feeling he was upset that no one was talking to let him know there was a runner, and when they DID scream “runner!”, no one was at the bag to cover a play. …. That is certainly a cluster of plays that got under the skin of Olivo. 

After the Isotopes half of the inning started, Guerrero was walking the length of the dugout towards the clubhouse/bat-rack and SOMEONE sucker punched him as he was walking passed. From the photos it seems that Miguel Olivo is very much involved.

Here is Olivo lunging at Guerrero during a pitching change before the incident:

Guerrero is a 27-year-old recent Cuban defect second baseman who is tearing up Triple-A pitchers, batting .368 with 10 homers for the Isotopes. Olivo is a 35-year-old catcher who has been a Major Leaguer for most of 13 seasons who has 145 career big-league home runs.

According to the blog, it was Kids day at Smith Ballpark, with the main message being anti-drugs and anti-bullying.

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