Why The Clippers Won’t Win The NBA Finals

The Buffalo Braves — that’s how the Clippers got their start. Unfortunately the only thing brave about them was how they were able to show their faces on the court night after night.

The new franchise would make three playoff appearances in the 70s before moving to San Diego, where the team finished no better than 7th in their division.

Fast forward to 1984 and the Clippers would move to Los Angeles where results weren’t much kinder. Five times between ’84 and 2000 the team won 17 games or less in an entire season and only made the playoffs three times. 

Let’s just say the Clippers haven’t only been the laughing stock of the NBA for decades, but possibly the most lethargic franchise in all of sports.

But times, they are a changin. The Clippers have some of the most exciting players in the NBA and have won more games the past two years than they ever have in their history. They are also locked into a heated battle with Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder for the right to play in the Western Conference Finals. Still, I hate to break it ya, but here is…

Why the Clippers won’t win the 2014 NBA Finals

The Clippers’ Game 4 rally in which they were down 15 points in the 4th quarter was a collapse unseen by the Thunder this year. In fact, the Clippers’ win probability sunk to a game-low 0.9% with 9:07 remaining in the fourth quarter. L.A. can’t find themselves in that position again — they were that close to being down three games to one.

She looks amazing, and that’s the problem. How can anyone concentrate when you have this boob grabber sitting in the first row?!

If they make it past Oklahoma City, they’ll likely play the conference defending champion San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference Finals, a team they were 1-2 against in the regular season and who finished with the best record in the NBA this year. The Spurs of course have multiple championships in the past decade while the Clippers have never won… anything.

The Clippers have only made the playoffs five times in 20 years and have only won their division twice… ever (the last two seasons; also their only two 50-win seasons). Sure this is a team on the up-and-up, but it’s also a franchise that has never been to the conference finals, let alone the NBA Finals.

Why we’re wrong

Paul is still possibly the best point guard in the league and Griffin has improved his outside shot. And oh ya, Griffin is still a monstrous dunker.

The number of points per game off turnovers the Clippers are producing in the second round, best of any team remaining.

You bet your a** the Clippers are playing hard right now with a lot to prove — most of all to their future former owner, Donald Sterling.


Political reasons aside, this was a team many were rooting for already. Now, with a hunger unmatched by anyone, they are a team even easier to root for. It wouldn’t surprise anyone to see them not only get past the Thunder, but to advance to the Finals where they would take on LeBron James and the Heat.


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