Fan Of The Week: Rebecca Grant

I’m sure you’ve heard by now of the Clippers’ gal that nearly broke the internet after her boob grab gone viral earlier this week.

Rebecca Grant is an LA based actress/model and, evidently, huge Clippers fan who got busted — pun intended — for preening, excuse me, adjusting, herself unknowingly while on camera.

In case you missed it — which, if you’re a male, I doubt it — here she is grabbing herself behind TNT’s Reggie Miller and Kevin Harlan during their live broadcast of Sunday night’s Clippers game against the Warriors

God bless America.

Of course the real news of the night was the fact the Clippers actually won the game/series and therefore advanced to the second round of the playoffs. But still, nearly a week later, Grant is all everyone is talking about. She’s not only been crowned the unofficial ‘Queen of the Clippers,’ she is also now considered this year’s Katherine Webb.

Grant claims she had no idea she was on television. Something tells me, based on this May 1 video, she had an agenda all along. Mission accomplished.

You can check out her IMDB here. Although she doesn’t have too many recognizable credits, “Sorority Party Massacre” sounds like a real crowd pleaser.

Note to producers: you want an easy 8,000+ views on a basic sports news Youtube segment? Hire a super hot busty brunette to read the prompter for you.

… Because she definitely needs to work on her live television composure:

Or maybe not. The ‘oops’ video above already has a half million views in less than a week.

Simply genius marketing?

A boob grab + on-air rant = ??? …

…Fan of the Week. That’s what it gets you. That and a bunch of hearts from Los Angeles to Lincoln.

You can see more of Rebecca on her Twitter.

Finally, in case you didn’t know and want another bombshell today, Grant is 45-years-old. Yup, she looks damn good. Anti-aging campaigns with Grant are supposedly already in the works.

You go girl. And more importantly, go Clips!

Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports.


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