5 Shoe Thrown At Celebrity Videos

In recent politics, throwing a shoe has become the ultimate middle finger for protesters, besides giving the actual middle finger. (That ol’ classic still works!) What better way to bring a politician or celebrity down then by watching them flinch, and potentially getting the gunk and grime from your soles all over them? Of course, you can expect to spend some time behind bars, because if you throw the shoe, they’ll throw the book at you. Here are 5 shoe thrown at celebrity videos:


Shoe Thrown At Hillary Clinton

Waste management, i.e. throwing your shoes onto a stage.


Shoe Thrown At One Direction’s Harry Styles

That shoe went in one direction – right at his crotch.


Shoe Thrown At Ex Australian Prime Minister John Howard

He was trying to give Howard a “booting.”


Shoe Thrown At Metallica’s James Hetfield

It was thrown by Shawn Fanning.


Shoe Thrown At George W. Bush

Bush supports an Iraq that can defend itself with shoe throwing.


Geoffrey Golden is a bestselling author and Editor-in-Chief of The Devastator comedy book series. Header via.


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