Future Tech: Under Armour Is Releasing The Raddest Smart Shoe To Date

Header Photo: Under Armour

We’re a society obsessed with technology. Everything we own is going the way of micro processors, from watches that talk to you to little speakers in your home that are listening to each and every single word you say.

Shoes are no different. Some pairs officially fall into the category of “smart shoes,” giving your footwear the ability to track and analyze your footsteps. With these, your sneakers literally have brains of their own.

Under Armour Is Releasing The Raddest Smart Shoe To Date

Under Armour revealed earlier this week that they’re making a running shoe that has technology to maximize function while not minimizing comfort. It’s the smartest, most comfortable smart shoe on the market.

For more than two years Under Armour has been developing the Hovr series, and this week at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, they revealed they’re about to drop two models to add to their running smart shoe series.

What’s Hovr, might you ask? The technology refers to a super soft cushioning structure that makes sure your feet and legs aren’t taking a beating while you’re out trying to lose those pounds you gained over the Christmas break. Additionally, parts of the shoe are made from 3D molded chamois fabric. According to Men’s Health, that’s the same stuff guys in the Tour de France are sporting. The material molds to your foot like it’s giving it a constant protective hug.

Like previous smart shoes UA has released, the sneakers analyze your running and upload the data so you can track your progress. With that, you can brag to your friends about how much smarter your sneakers are than the dummies they have on their feet.

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Photo: Under Armour

The two models of the shoe — Hovr Phantom and Hovr Sonic — are set to drop to the public on February 1. The Phantom will run you $140, but you can get a non-connected pair for $130. The Sonic will be $130 with the same $10 price drop for the non-connected pair.

If you’re into booming technology while staying in shape, these might be the sneakers for you. Imagine your reaction when you’re unboxing them.

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