First Look: Original Sin #0

Marvel's big 2014 event will be the cosmos-spanning murder mystery of just who killed Uatu The Watcher, stole his eyes, and revealed his omniscient secrets to the rest of the universe. But before we discover the gruesome murder scene, we'll have one last chance to see Uatu alive with Original Sin #0, from writer Mark Waid and artist Jim Cheung, telling a tale of young Sam Alexander's curiosity about that big bald guy who lives on the moon.

“If you know nothing about Uatu, or you’re not up on what his deal is right now, the story in Original Sin #0 will give you all of the information you need,” says Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. “[Presented] in the context of an emotionally affecting story featuring the Watcher and Nova – and leave you ready for him to turn up as a cold, dead corpse in Original Sin #1 and understand why that is so very unsettling and dangerous a situation.”

Check out this first look at Original Sin #0, with a variant cover from Paolo Rivera.