First Look: Original Sin # 8

Spoiler Alert if you’re not up to date with Marvel’s Original Sin!

Uatu — Earth’s Watcher — is dead, and Nick Fury is the man behind the murder. After the events of Battle Scars, Nick Fury was stripped of the Infinity Formula that made him nearly immortal. And without the Infinity Formula, Fury’s body is rapidly aging to his true age.

The death of the Watcher has been part of Fury’s last gambit to safeguard the universe even if it means betraying his friends on the Avengers along the way. But Fury’s got bigger problems than Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The Watchers have come to the moon to find Uatu’s killer and render their own judgment. Fury killed one Watcher, but can he kill all of them in the final battle?

Marvel has released a few pages from Original Sin # 8 — the final issue of the miniseries — that depict Uatu’s final moments before his demise. Perhaps Nick Fury Sr. will join him in death by the end of the issue.

Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato’s Original Sin # 8 hits comic shops on Wednesday, September 3. It’s Marvel’s last event… until Axis, which also begins in September.


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