First Look: Fantastic Four # 6

It’s been a pretty bad month for the Fantastic Four. In the real world, there are rumors that Marvel may cancel Fantastic Four just to spite Fox. And in the Marvel Universe, the team was just handed a major defeat in a New York City courtroom as Reed and Sue Richards lost custody of their children.
Now, Original Sin is upon us. In Fantastic Four # 6, the story picks up during Original Sin as the Watcher’s greatest secrets are released into the world. Unfortunately for Johnny Storm, one of those secrets is his. Years ago, Johnny accidentally cost Ben Grimm a chance to regain his humanity and leave the Thing behind. And let’s just say that the Thing won’t take the news well.
Marvel has released a preview of Fantastic Four # 6 by James Robinson and artist Leonard Kirk, which includes a quick flashback sequence by Dean Haspiel! 
Fantastic Four # 6 lands in comic shops on Wednesday, June 25.