5 Popular Websites And Apps In The 80s

Over a year ago – basically forever in internet years – we featured the work of YouTube comedy group Squirrel Monkey, who show us what YouTube, Facebook and other sites would’ve looked like in the 80s. They’ve done a lot more internet retro-ization since then! Here are 5 popular websites and apps in this 80s:


Instagram In The 80s

There are so many hipsters who would love having Instagram photos on a cassette.


Wikipedia In The 80s

I can’t wait to get the enhanced CD-ROM version ten years later.


Skype In The 80s

I’m surprised it works this well.


LinkedIn In The 80s

The best use of LinkedIn is knowing Donna Summer.


Spotify In The 80s



Bonus: Pinterest In The 90s

I can’t wait to pin that awesome horseshoe.


Geoffrey Golden is a bestselling author and Editor-in-Chief of The Devastator comedy magazine. 


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