Kiefer Sutherland Teases An Angrier Jack Bauer In ‘24: Live Another Day’

Jack Bauer is not a happy man. But can you blame him? At the end of “24” Season 8, Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) was branded a fugitive and forced to go on the run from his own country. 
This spring, Jack will be back in action in the 12 episode miniseries “24: Live Another Day.” But don’t expect Jack to just jump back into hero mode. During an interview with IGN, Sutherland indicated that Jack hasn’t forgotten why he’s a fugitive and he’s pretty angry about it. 
“I was describing this to a friend of mine,” related Sutherland. “He said, ‘So what’s it going to be like?’ I said, ‘Well, he’s been isolated for four years, estranged from his country, estranged from his family — he’s pretty pissed off.’ He said, ‘Well, you can’t do that. I mean, he’s always pissed off.’ I said, ‘No, no. There’s another notch we can do.’”
“And it’s not how he deals with someone who’s doing something wrong,” continued Sutherland. “It’s how he deals with someone who might be able to help him – he doesn’t even want to know. ‘I don’t trust nobody. I am my own machine.’ Well, when that dynamic hits Chloe, that’s pretty serious, so that’s going to be a major shift. Will Chloe be able to pull him back, or is he going to set her up and use her? Has he gone over that point? Is it too far? We’re going to play with that.”
Sutherland also added that “it’s an interesting dynamic to come to, because every season has always been trying to push him a little farther. It’d be nice to start with him up here and have to try and pull him back down. He’s not even trying to wiggle room around the law. He doesn’t give a s**t anymore. The law is nothing to him. He’s been a fugitive and wanted, hunted by the CIA for years.”
Despite Jack’s rogue status, Sutherland also seemed to hint at a potential team up between Jack and Kate (Yvonne Strahovski), one of the CIA agents attempting to capture him.
“[Kate is] very much like me when I started,’ said Sutherland. “She’s a smart operative, she knows her s**t, she sees things, she has a sense when something not right. She’s the only one who picks up on what I’m doing in the very first episode and tries to warn everybody else. It would be a nice character to align with down the road. But she’s not a bad character. She’s a good character, in the context of our story.”
“24: Live Another Day” will premiere on Monday, May 5 on Fox.


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