rat dies

Rat Dies After Gorging On Cash While Stuck In ATM

rat was crushed remains of the dead. Photo: LaymanZoom (Getty)

I’ve always been under the assumption the best way to catch a rat is with a bit of cheese or peanut butter. But it seems as if rats may have a different vice. Greed. Just ask the employees at a bank in Tinsukia, India, who recently noticed one of their ATM machines was out of order.

A bit baffled by the oddity, the State Bank of India called in a repair technician who found a dead rat inside the machine. Yet, that wasn’t the weirdest part of the ordeal.

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Alongside the dead rat were hundreds of chewed up rupee-bills that the now deceased rat had ingested.

After the bank crunched some numbers, Indian Express reports the hungry rodent literally ate his way out of house and home to a tune of 19,000 rupees (about $280.00).

So how did the rat or possible rats get inside of the ATM machine? Nobody really knows at this point, though Police Superintendent Mugdha Jyoti Mahantato told reporters he believes a small entry point for cables in the back of the ATM housing was the culprit.