The Big List: Oscar Nominations 2014! Netflix Is Screwed!

Time to get on stage, make jokey banter with a beautiful actress in a crazy dress that was analyzed by every woman in America hours before, open an envelope, take a surprisingly long time to open said envelope, announce the name inside the envelope, walk off-stage, drink heavily until the endless award ceremony is finally over and check out these links!


And The 2014 Oscar Nominees Are…

Whatever wins, I’m gonna be super bored watching the ceremony.


Honest Titles For 2014’s Oscar Nominated Movies

At least college roommates finally have a poster to replace Fight Club.


Netflix Exposed As Net Neutrality Rules Gutted

“We won’t abuse this power,” the cable companies giggled.


Chris Christie’s Missing Traffic Study

Traffic Study Conclusion: Traffic is no good.


I Have A Chinese Banknote That Everyone In China Is Scared Of

Hint: The reason they’re scared has nothing to do with ghosts.


That’s all for this this Oscar nominated edition of The Big List!


Geoffrey Golden is a bestselling author and Editor-in-Chief of The Devastator comedy magazine.