The Big List: The NSA Wants To Give Us All Malware?!


Time to form a band, practice for what feels like forever, play a bunch of s**** gigs, eventually get a big break, become super famous, start arguing with each other, form creative differences, get crazy/angry/weird girlfriends, split up forever, get asked when your band’s reuniting for the rest of your life and check out these links!


How The NSA Plans To Infect ‘Millions’ Of Computers With Malware


Suddenly, every screen in America is a laughing, bureaucratic pirate skull.


Here’s The Technology That’s Going To Make Your Phone’s Internet 1,000 Times Faster Than 4G


pCells: The future of phone internet and my future rap name.


“I Will Refuse”: 13 Bands That Could Reunite, But Won’t

Parting is such sweet sorrow, but it’s way better than still playing rock music together at age 87.


The United States Of Video Games


Puerto Rico is… uh, Pac-Man?


It’s Not In The Game: Eight Features The NFL Made EA Remove From Madden

The ambulance is playing by Death Race 2000 rules.


That’s all for this this never to be reunited edition of The Big List!


Geoffrey Golden is a bestselling author and Editor-in-Chief of The Devastator comedy magazine.