10 Things We’ll Miss About ‘Breaking Bad’

Arguably one of the greatest shows in television history, “Breaking Bad” is about to come an end, leaving behind a legacy that raises the standard for scripted dramas to unreachable new heights. But aside from outstanding performances, razor-fine direction and superb writing, that legacy also includes a wannabe drug-dealer who writes “Star Trek” fan fiction and is named after a kind of weasel, a kleptomaniac radiology technician obsessed with the color purple and a fifty-year-old chemistry teacher who cooks meth in the middle of the desert in his underwear. 

With that in mind, let us crack open a bottle of Schraderbrau and chow down on some Los Pollos Hermanos as we look back at what we’ll miss most about the show that put Albuquerque on the map and made chemistry cool.




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