Exclusive: Rob Corddry Reveals Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Secrets

Rob Corddry Hot Tub Time Machine

It looks like Hot Tub Time Machine 2 isn’t the most secret of sequel projects. We got an interview with Rob Corddry for his latest movie, the horror comedy Hell Baby, and he told us all about his upcoming sequel. He’s previously revealed that this time the gang goes into the future, but more specifically he told us how the comedy is different this time around.

“It’s a lot different,” Corddry said. “We go 10 years into the future and we don’t hit the same beats like a lot of sequels do, but we hit certain jokes or set pieces that have the spirit of certain things that were really popular on the first one.”

Corddry also said that just the fact that it’s their second try means they’re better at it. “I think it’s way funnier and I think it’s more focused in that we found it already. We had no idea what we were doing on the first one. It just came out as this weird sort of anarchy comedy, things you don’t usually get away with when you tell a story. So this one we were able to capitalize on that.”

Craig Robinson, Clark Duke and Corddry return as time traveling bathers. Their first adventure took them back to a night in 1986. The sequel leaves their fourth friend, played by John Cusack, behind. However there is another funnyman to take his place, and it fits in continuity.

“There’s no Cusack so that I’d say is a huge difference. Adam Scott is playing his son from 10 years in the future, his son that was conceived in 1986 on the night with Jenny Stedmeyer.”

At the end of Hot Tub Time Machine, Corddry’s character, Lou, abused time travel to take over Google, making it Lougle. Hot Tub 2 opens with Lou living it up. “Lou is a billionaire a billion times over and practically owns New Orleans.”

We’ll have the full Hell Baby interview when the film opens in September, and we’ll be back with more on Hot Tub Time Machine 2 after we throw up on a squirrel. 

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