Comic-Con 2013: Marvel’s ‘Cup o’ Joe’ Panel


A Comic-Con tradition is Marvel’s “Cup o’ Joe’ panel, where Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada and a celebrity panel field questions on all things Marvel, and drop a few reveals. This time, we got “Revolutionary War,” a storyline from Andy Lanningthat will feature Marvel’s UK characters, and Origin II, a Kieron Gillen/Adam Kubert follow-up to “Wolverine: Origin.”


Here’s the liveblog of the panel as it happened:


Angela will be illustrated by Sara Pichelli and will fight the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Hawkeye’s up for awards. Of course.

Inhuman is a new Matt Fraction Joe Madureira book that will be the next huge franchise for Marvel. Black Bolt and Medusa will be seen as they’ve never been seen. A new kind of super character comes out of this, but it ties into the end of Infinity so spoilers can’t happen. The character on the cover is named Inferno. This will be next year’s Guardians of the Galaxy/Nova in terms of being a huge factor in the MU.

Marvel with the Union Jack – Revolutionary War is a miniseries coming in January with Death’s Head, Motormouth and other UK heroes. “Keep Calm and Marvel On.” Andy Lanning and various superstar artists from the old Marvel UK. No mention of the Union Jack character.

Young Avengers is cutting edge and pushing the medium. There will be a big arc called “After Party” which brings in Becky Cloonan, Ming Doyle, Joe Quinones, Emma Vieceli and more.

Origin, the Wolverine story is shown. Origin II is coming our way – Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert comes in November.


Q: How much does Hollywood affect Marvel’s work? He thinks Avengers crapped on the X-Men during AvX. Joe Q says every division of Marvel affects every division of Marvel. Bendis says he’s been having X-Men school Avengers in the current X-books. Last year, everyone thought the X-Men were stomping all over them.

Q: Do you worry about marginalizing readers under family groupings, like 8 Avengers and 10 X-titles? Quesada says they’re not trying to oversaturate, but they’re just trying to make a profit. Fans decide what they put out because if it makes money it won’t get cancelled. It’s simple supply and demand. Alonso says they’re trying to give you options within a family – many different styles of book.

Q: A fan of the Bendis-X-Men wants to know how big a role Cloak and Dagger are going to have in Ultimate Universe. Bendis mentions the announcement of Cataclysm, the Ultimate event vs. Galactus, and Cloak and Dagger are front and center. The sheer amount of pages devoted to their origin in Ultimate Spider-Man would indicate that.

Q: Will The Winter Soldier put people off if it’s not winter? Jokes.

Q: Marvel Unlimited fan mentions that sometimes there’s one issue missing of story arcs and stuff – is that a legal issue? Every once in a while ROM or Micronauts show up and makes things weird, but digital files are hard to come by sometimes. A guy from Marvel Digital says they threw interns at the job when they first started and it was a bit haphazard, but they’ve come a long way and they’re determined to plug those holes. If one is missing, go on Twitter and ask the Marvel Digital folks about it.

Q: Guardians of the Galaxy fan asks about the backward planet on the far end of the galaxy who can kick ass against Skrulls, Kree and Galactus – alien culture perspectives on the Earth backwater? They’re introducing the Guardians first before they get into supporting cast or other Guardians once Iron Man leaves – other Earth heroes joining the cast, even. Some of those perspectives factor into Infinity.

Q: Agents of SHIELD panel guy says it was awesome, and likes the working class guy – any chance of an Agents of SHIELD comic series from the ‘cannon fodder’ perspective? The TV show will probably mandate it. Bendis says there will soon be Dazzler: Agent of SHIELD.

Q: The Marvel Creative Committee involves Bendis and Quesada to give feedback to movie guys about creative choices. Other times individual creators are consulted, like Fraction on Iron Man 2, and Ed Brubaker for Winter Soldier.

Q: When is Rogue going to beat up Scarlet Witch and resolve tension? Sunday, there will be some announcements for Uncanny Avengers. These corners of the MU don’t cohabitate very well. It shouldn’t work, and it isn’t right now, but the consequences will be reflective of their inability to get along and get over the civil wars between heroes. Everything is building to a big payoff, including Red Skull with Xavier powers.

Q: Savage Wolverine? Who pitched that? A guy discovered Frank Cho because of it. Axel Alonso says Cho’s story seemed like a chance to launch a separate, out-of-continuity kind of Wolverine story that was very different – superstar talent doing quick hit mini-movie stories. More Cho stuff – drawing X-Men: Battle of the Atom starting in September. Cho has lots of ideas of future work with Marvel.

Q: Any Punisher MAX return? He’s in Thunderbolts, and eventually they will tell how he escaped from the secret prison. Punisher is perfect for MAX books, but no immediate plans. The Trial of the Punisher will be a two-parter from Marc Guggenheim and Leinil Yu and Steven Segovia – Frank Castle walks into a police precinct and dumps the body of a dead lawyer he just killed, and he allows himself to get arrested.

Q: There are plans for both Nick Furys in the next year, and that’s good or bad depending on your perspective, which sounds like Old Fury will die soon.

Q: Remender Uncanny X-Force fan blew Glen away – Wolverine drove the direction of that team, but now that he’s an Avenger, that’s rubbing off on him – will Wolverine rub off on the Avengers? It’s a point of contention right now with the team as an ideological conflict with the Uncanny Avengers. Cap, Wasp, etc. are viewing Logan’s M.O. as wrongheaded and bad, and they won’t compromise their beliefs, and Cap couldn’t contain his anger when he learned about UXF. Should Logan be with the Avengers at all? Thor knows you must kill in battle sometimes, Cap as a soldier knows that but as an Avenger he won’t.

Q: 50th anniversary X-Men crossover happening in September and October, and more in November and December capitalize on that date. X-Men panel is Sunday.

Q: Why was Scott Summers unsure of what water bottles were due to the sliding time scale? Bendis gets this online a lot. They’re having fun with the time jump. He’s done some anachronistic time jokes. There was a pizza bagel argument about when they began to exist.

Q: A DC convert feels so much better now (and they joke that they want to bring back Stephanie Brown), and she thanks them for Captain Marvel. Her question is about the Brooklyn Heights crew in old issues of Captain America? There will be more stories from Steve Rogers’ childhood days in the future, but going back and forth between that and the Dimension Z story was making it go on too long.

Q: A guy is angry about the Mandarin in Iron Man 3, but his question is about a Deadpool movie? It’s a Fox property, so Marvel can’t do it.

Q: The new all-ladies X-Men team is great, and any more lady teams? Uncanny X-Force now is all girls except for Puck, and Fearless Defenders is good, too. Next 5 issues are the Rogue/Scarlet Witch story in Uncanny Avengers.

Q: A kid wants minority superheroes in the movies. Joe Q says Yes.

Q: Avengers Arena fan wants to know what happens if they do escape the island? THere are plans for some of them to escape and stuff will happen.

Q: Live-action coming of age TV show for lesser known Ultimate Comics heroes like Miles Morales or Jimmy Hudson? Bendis says that’s a great idea, but they are FOX properties. What? Maybe a joke.

Q: A Daredevil movie now that Marvel has it? Joe Q says they’re trying to “air it out.” Jokes! It’s certainly a possibility, but they just got it back, so it’s way too soon.

Q: Any other Avengers solo books focusing on home life, like Hawkeye and Captain Marvel? THere’s a book they’re planning that kinda sorta fits that bill – a private life vs. the superhero life is shown. Those books are helping good creators bring themselves into Marvel books. Announcements coming soon that will surprise us.

Q: Bendis writing Sentry again? He’s all sorta dead, so no. He thanks Paul Jenkins for letting him go nuts with his character. In Uncanny Avengers, Sentry is in the Horsemen of Death – there will be a Thor/Sentry rematch. The Sentry going forward will respect the past, but viewing it through a David Lynch film lens. An insane cosmic Superman infected with a Celestial death seed, taking the mental illness seriously. He’s a tragic character, dealing with becoming a servant of Apocalypse.

Q: Darkhawk fan wants a remake. He comes up a lot, but nothing has stuck yet.

Q: Miles Morales in the 616? That will be followed up on big time.

Q: Marvel Knights relaunch involving Luke and Danny? Not there, but never know down the road.

Q: How long can a comic be on hiatus before it’s cancelled? She’s talking Runaways. They’re not as a team soon, but they’re scattered with Young Avengers, Avengers Arena, Young Avengers. She wants closure on Runaways.

Q: Runaways TV show? One show at a time.

Q: Any work on regulating power shifts between writers on characters? Give creators room to tell stories.

Q: Hank Pym fan wants a new more advanced costume for Ant-Man or Yellowjacket. He’s going through changes in Avengers A.I., so stay tuned for a lot of evolutions in Hank Pym.

Q: Marvel characters in Kingdom Hearts 3? Joe Q has no idea. THere’s a video game panel later.